We provide robust free services as well as paid services but, remember, we only get paid if you get paid. We will match you with a claims representative and public adjuster and you will receive the following services for each one of your claims:

Property Damage Inspection

Often times, property owners will have damage where they did not know they were entitled to compensation including accidental damage to carpets, water stains, vehicle damage, and much more. We schedule an appointment with you to have your personal licensed claims representative conduct a property damage inspection using industry standard tools and procedures.

Policy Coverage Review

Fully understanding your insurance policy requires the assistance of a trained professional. You may not know what you’re covered for outside of the obvious types of loss such as fire, flood, but it’s very possible that your insurance covers much more. Frequently, property owners are surprised to learn that they are not protected as much as they had thought. We take an in-depth look at your insurance policy and advise you on the coverage you need based on your region, property type, and other factors to help you prevent future claim denials.

Insurance Claim Handling and Coordinating

We are first and foremost advocates. What good is a damage inspection if we don’t stay by your side to make sure the insurance company doesn’t lead you astray. This includes submitting your insurance claim, attending every appointment with your insurance company adjuster, and communicating with your insurance company during the whole process.

Prior Claim Review

We will also work with you on claims that have already been settled without assistance from Metro. Your claims representative will review information from your past claim and will provide guidance on whether or not you are eligible to challenge your settled payout.