Insurance FAQs

What is a public insurance adjuster?

An authority on loss adjustments who you can retain to assist you in preparing, filing, and adjusting your insurance claims. For a more thorough discussion on why you should hire a public adjuster, click here.

Can I prepare my own claim?

Sure, but it stands to reason that the public adjuster who has years of experience and training can do so with more competence than the policyholder. More specifically, a public adjuster will assist you in the preparation of inventories, estimates and other factual proofs of loss. He or she will handle all the necessary details for compiling and filing claims, as required by the terms of your insurance policies. Your public adjuster will also confer, on your behalf, with insurance company representatives and handle all matters essential to a proper and satisfactory adjustment.

Why do I need help in filing an insurance claim?

The typical policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations – various forms and riders that are constantly changing and many complex details about your requirements in case of loss. Most people do not know or understand these policy provisions, and most do not realize that the burden of proof is on them, the policyholder. Most insurance company representatives actually prefer to work with an experienced public adjuster rather than an inexperienced policyholder. A public adjuster has the confidence of the company adjusters who recognize that they are dealing with a professional.

Why should I engage a public adjuster to obtain what is rightfully due to me?

Insurance companies offer to pay what is due to you as they see it. Public adjusters are your exclusive representatives. With their experience and knowledge they are better able to obtain a more favorable adjustment for you, the insured.

How much do they charge for their service?

Your public adjuster’s charge is a percentage of the insurance company’s settlement with you. A public adjuster only gets paid if you get paid. By seeking to maximize your settlement, your public adjuster’s services can save you the cost of their fees, at the very least.